Letters from Thib

Still here in Hollywood, going to school. Did First Aid last week, and have Celestial Navigation all this week. Cel Nav is about the hardest things sailors have to learn,
and it’s been a few years for me. Looks like it’s going to be a bit of a tough week for me.
Well, I did a half-hour of exercise on the elliptical tonight in the fitness center on campus. This place is usually deserted on the weekends, but as i was walking out,
I saw an older guy unloading his carload of possessions into his room. He had quite a bit of stuff, (a full mini-van!), and it was obvious he was going to be here for awhile.
I felt a little bad for him, and my servants heart brought me over to help out a shipmate (and burn a few more calories). I spent 10 minutes or so helping him unload his
boxes. He was about 60, from Worcester, Mass. He was a retired Coastie, just wrote a nautical book (I didn’t catch the title) and was moving on campus for awhile.
We chatted for a bit while we were carrying his possessions into the room, and he asked what I was there for. I said I was doing my Chief Mate classes, & had Celestial
Navigation this week.
He said,[I] “Well, you’re earning extra credit now…I’m Bob Bates- your instructor!”

Goes to show- always do the right thing.

Now if that was me, the guy would have blocked me in while he was unloading, and I would have read him the riot act, threatened him with violence, and insulted his family, only to walk into class the next day to find out he’s my instructor. Only kidding, I would have helped him too…

Do good things and good things happen…Earl from “My Name is Earl”