Lessons learnt from overtaking collision

P&I Club comments on lessons learnt from a collision that happened while overtaking:

Lessons learned: “Watch where you’re going.” Brilliant.

Strange case. The (strong) bow of a bulk carrier, coming from behind, contacts the port (weak) side of a tanker and rips it open causing flooding (oil spill?) and blames the tanker! Its stern wave sucked the the bulk carrier into the side of the tanker. Hydrodynamic interaction!

That article lacks so much detail as to be useless, and it even fails to reference specific sources. WHY wasn’t a proper lookout maintained? Were either of the involved parties aware of the developing close quarters situation? What was the traffic situation like? What about the manning?

The mechanics of the impact reminds me of an ugly near miss I was involved in, which taught me much about attention channeling and the temper of Dutch barge drivers. Suffice to say that once interaction starts carrying your stern out, you’d better hope you’ve got the bollard pull to displacement ratio to power out of it.