Laser Range Finder for Dock Distances


I use rangefinders hunting. My experience is you can’t range animals figure out your shot and pick the gun up before he moves very often. I mostly use them in a stand to pre range distances to points. Identify what’s too far to shoot so I will know what to pass on what to go for.

Have docked a lot of boats assistance towing many relying on the disabled vessels crew or my seaman when I can’t see well. I can’t imagine a range finder is going to be fast enough to give any useful information . It’s just like hunting in reverse. Target is stationary you are moving, by the time he’s figured it out distance has changed. They don’t pick up small targets well either. Range the edge of a pier it’s probably going to find the building on the pier

I asked for distances in boat lengths or widths and made it a point to have the seamen call it even when not needed. That’s the way I was trained as a young seaman. New situation tow or dock best practice is to go slow real slow. Close slow less chance of trouble.

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Thanks for this! Would provide one solution for our new vessels so much appreciated!



[QUOTE=Ffinn;193928]Thanks for this! Would provide one solution for our new vessels so much appreciated!


Does that mean that my trusted method of using two bamboo poles with a rope between them and a rag to mark the centre line is no longer needed to determine correct distance and offset when positioning jack-ups against a platform??

What happened to innovation and hard earned experience?


[QUOTE=powerabout;193225]gps on bow and stern and a good charts and a giant ecdis screen is how cruise ships do it[/QUOTE]

Yup, that makes sense now that you mention it.


Your problem has been solved:
Will it come to a vessel near you in the near future??


I’m using TruPulse 200 Laser range finder. It was awesome.

I think this is the best one in cheap rate. But if it’s not, than it would be very kind that you suggest me the best…


I’ve used laser range finders, stadimeters, and radian rule for distances but honestly I prefer just a well tuned radar or like others have mentioned, picturing something of a certain size to help guesstimate the distance. Works pretty well.


This is a great rangefinder. It is the first one I have owned and has already improved my game immediately. It’s easy to use. It took me a couple days to figure out the eye piece could be turned to focus the picture. Worth the money. It’s built to last.