Large OSV Master to Master Inland AGT


That’s never been disputed.

Since when is standing a bridge watch required to keep your OICNW? A person sailing as master doesn’t lose his OICNW because he stops standing watch. We’re discussing sea time as “mate” used for upgrading, you already have that.

The real question is who do you work for that had the chief mate not standing a bridge watch??? (Lucky…)


I think a majority (if not all) of the US flag tankers have a dayworking Chief mate. APL does this as well. MLL does it occasionally for US coastwise trading. Personally, I wish all companies would do this. It would alleviate the majority of STCW rest period problems.


if this is only about seatime then nobody at the USCG cares one bit. Seatime is used to determine overall experience at a certain grade or level and never was intended to mean exactly so many days of underway watchkeeping, working cargo, performing maintenance, etc… There is no specific standard for any of these job functions.

just look at how the Coast Guard has granted seatime to drilling DPOs who literally are never ever underway except to move from one drillsite to another. In a dozen years they make only have a dozen days of underway but still advance their licenses just the same as a mate always underway. One reason that the USCG should have trade restrictions on licenses especially for drilling mates and masters.


That’s not true. They care, or at least they used to, they just don’t know what’s going on. They see “Mate” listed and assume that it’s underway watch keeping where that person is the sole PIC of the vessel for that time period.


I was just playing devils advocate for the discussion as to how both guys on watch on the OSV’s get OICNW time.

As @DamnYankee said, most of the Jones Act tankers have a day working C/M. With the short runs and long pilotages some of the trips have, it would be a rest hour nightmare without an extra 3/M.


Not just “both”, I’ve had upwards of 8 or 9 “officers” at a time on the same boat all getting time and a half sea time as “Mate/OICNW”.

The NMC assumes that “Mate”, “3rd Mate”, or “2nd Mate” is also an OICNW but they also assume the Master is NOT an OICNW (and possibly the same for Chief Mate). I’ve known people who had to have the company explain to the NMC that the Master stands a watch as OICNW on supply boats because the NMC wasn’t allowing time as Master to count towards upgrade of 3M to 2M (or 2M to CM, I forget which).


How is being on DP at a rig much different than being on anchor watch waiting for orders on a tanker? Or being in the yard? The occupation of the vessel has nothing to do with it. If you’re incompetent then so be it. Those people are everywhere on every type of vessel. Saying you have to be underway making passing arrangements to be “real” seatime as OICNW is like saying if I fart and shit my pants too it was never a fart at all.


Being in the yard isn’t supposed to count as sea time, but it isn’t a very big deal because you’re rarely in the yard. Even so, if anyone advances all the way from 3rd Mate to Master Unlimited sitting in a ship yard that’s bullshit.

According to the USCG definition of sea time that’s what it is.


So just like that you are gone is that what you mean?


What a clusterfuck of a thread. No wonder c.captain is angry all the time.


I thought you had to have seatime as a First Assistant Proctologist before getting those …