Lapware exam module help!

I’m studying for 1600 mate NC, I’m using lapware and trying to study navigation problems for module q141. On the review questions drop down bar Ive been using 21RD on lapware but when I narrow it down to ETA it says there are no questions and when I narrow it down to azimuth it only gives me sun and my module says any body. Do any of you guys know which module I should be using on lapware? Thanks!

Off hand, no.
I will say though you should prepare for ETA questions and azimuths anybody. The way it used to be was the mate’s test could have azimuth any body…masters test was sun only.
I’d over-prepare.

Just tested a few months back, I didn’t get any ETA or any “other body” besides the sun BUT learn it all because you never know. I had chronometer error, azimuth and amplitude of the sun, RPM, and a few piloting questions requiring the maneuvering board but I learned all of it just in case of any surprises.

I would recommend using module 145 or Q116. Make sure to cross-reference 46 CFR 11.910 to make sure you’re seeing the correct question types.