Landing a job as Entry Level

I have a MMC, took a VPDSD class yesterday - have the ambition and excellent work ethic too, open minded and ready to learn.
Where can I get my foot in the door? I am located in Houston, Texas.

Harley Gulf aka centerline and kirby have offices in channelview.

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Hornbeck offshore

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Edison Chouest Offshore in Cutoff,La.

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Be sure to submit to the MMC to get the sticker to put in your MMC booklet. Because it is an STCW endorsement there is no fee for this.


Thank you, will give them a look.

Thank you, I will check them out.

Thank you, seems they are hiring for a Wiper and Deckhand, will send my résumé in.

Yes sir, did that yesterday. Forgot to ask how long it would take for the arrival of the sticker - hopefully they don’t send it to the wrong address.