For the first time to sight the P’t Arguello L’t after the ocean passage, how to describe the landfall?

  • Made landfall P’t Arguello L’t
  • Made landfall at P’t Arguello L’t
  • Made landfall on P’t Arguello L’t
  • anything else?

What is this? Are we to debate the semantics of log keeping?

How about “ 0900 arrival at point whogivesafuck seabuoy, bearing 090 at 2.4nm”


We used to record the time and bearing when raising a light. That gave you a fix using the bearing and the calculated geographic range of using the two known heights. Ditto when the light dipped below the horizon.

Written as ‘Raised/dipped x light, xxx (bearing)’.

Don’t bother nowadays.

Don’t you have an example to work with? Just sayin’…

Nailed it! Enough things to worry about onboard, making sure everyone writes the exact same thing in the logbook shouldn’t be one of them.

Who still logs first sight of a light?

Navy, MSC perhaps?

Bahaha, Capt. Bill that’s exactly what I thought.