Knocking on Doors in Louisiana


Good news if you work on land rigs not so much for offshore work. Good for them I guess.


[QUOTE=Fraqrat;194236]Good news if you work on land rigs not so much for offshore work. Good for them I guess.[/QUOTE]

With increased oil production from shale in the US the improvement in oil price from OPEC reduction will be nullified.


Exactly my point, which means the purse strings on those big E&P budgets we need will still be very tight.


Unless a major war breaks out disrupting foreign oil supplies, we are at least five years away from a Gulf of Mexico offshore oil recovery.

Vessels cold stacked for five years will need a lot of work and may even be technically obsolete by that time.

The entire maritime job market will remain flooded with excess personnel at lower and lower wages for more than five years.


Many are simply giving up and getting shore jobs, never to return. Some that stay are flooding the tug industry and they are stagnating our wages. But it does seem like the offshore companies are doing some hiring. I see more and more guys on the Facebook supply boat pages who are getting hired to go back offshore.


The tugs are flooded with oil patch refugees at lower wages. Wages at many companies have dropped.

Most shore jobs pay more than the offshore oil patch boat companies are paying for new hires.


Inland Marine Service is Hiring if this helps anyone looking for work.


That’s the truth. I just saw a job announcement from HOS for ABs among other positions. AB pay runs from $170-$190 a day for a 28/14 rotation. That’s much less then even my tightwad company pays ABs.


They also put it out on LinkedIn.Seems that they are hiring all mates positions.


They need engineers more than any other position.


[B]BP announces start of major expansion in the Gulf of Mexico[/B][](


This is just an old project coming online which will add more product on the market further stifling price increases. This is not a new project where they will be hiring rigs and boats so no new work for us.


Does this thread even apply anymore?

I’m in Houston right now looking for work. Next stop after this is Ft. Lauderdale to see if there is anything open on yachts.

If nothing, then I guess it’s back to CT to live in Mom’s basement. Lot’s of good this unlimited 3rd mates license is doing me.


No, this thread isn’t applicable anymore and needs to be put to bed forever.


Go get an AB job on a tug. I think Vane Bros and Dann are hiring. Pound the docks in NYC. AB is better than sitting at home and when you do find a 3rd’s job your crew will respect you more for having that experience on deck.


Or shipping off the board as a 3M. Something outside your normal comfort zone. Heard night mates can make a decent living.


Congratulations Ms. Claudette for receiving the Louey Award for Bed & Breakfast of the Year 2017 in Louisiana! Looking forward to when the mariners will be able to start returning in greater numbers.


:frowning: so true unfortunately


Thanks, water, for your kind words. And, looking forward to when mariners will be returning in great numbers, also.

As, always, I still offer a discounted rate of $70/night for mariners with a continental breakfast.

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