Knocking on Doors in Louisiana


Harvey Gulf Acquires 2 Shipyards


Feds to Lease New Areas off Texas to Oil and Gas Drilling
July 17, 2015


U.S. Oil Rolls with OPEC’s Blows as Brazil, Canada take Hits.
July 19, 2015


Offshore Experience Video
"Robert Lewis"


$100 - a - barrel oil? Analyst who predicted current price plunge says yes
July 22, 2015


I want to thank everyone for the conversation on this thread.
It has given me a tremendous employer database and expectations of the process.
This will be an adventure.


Major Deepwater Drilling Project Sparks Optimism Amid Low Oil Prices
July 27, 2015


[QUOTE=A Chateau on the Bayou;166263]Major Deepwater Drilling Project Sparks Optimism Amid Low Oil Prices
July 27, 2015

Good article. But China National Offshore Oil owns 21%???


Good Signs Coming from the Gulf
July 29, 2015


That is a good sign, unfortunately the completion then implementation of that rig will not come online for s long while. Prices will probably be well recovered by the time that thing starts production.


Have there been any door knockers coming down and getting any attention lately?


This Knocker is coming down in October. I am going to follow
the advice of the thread and lose some weight and be in shape.
Apparently the physical at Edison Chouest is tough.

I moved to Houston specifically to work on the gulf after having
a little trouble with my union out west. Been going to school here
locally and enjoying some down time. One of the things I have
learned from this thread is I do not need to live on the gulf to
get employment if I knock on enough doors. Having won in a
complaint against the union, I can return to southern california
should I choose to do that. I have a girlfriend there and would
like to let the crooks in the union know the tide has turned.

Someone told me (and I do not believe it) that having California
plates at the job site would cause me trouble. I think that is silly.
but you got guys running around saying such things. So I was
hoping the good people of this thread would confirm that the fine
people of the gulf are very hospitable.

It takes maybe three afternoons to read every employment thread
on gcaptain and it is sure worth it. I have never felt so confident about
going to any employment situation in my life. I know what to expect.

Thank you,



[QUOTE=Gulfbear62;166918]This Knocker is coming down in October.[/QUOTE]

I hope that you have been reading about all that has been or has not been happening down in the Gulf Area.

Good Luck, you never know what might happen but for me, I would have to think real hard about blowing all of the money for this trip when a lot of Experienced Hands are being laid off.


Good luck man.


Still jobs to be had. I just switched companies due to a license upgrade. Some of the guys being laid off are also dead weight being cut. Every single person I know out here after 8 years and is a good hand/captain/person are all still employed. Good luck to anyone trying and don’t let the lazy bug hit ya.


Being employed and is one thing, getting screwed by that employer is different

I wouldn’t think this is a good time to be looking in the gulf


No one I know has been screwed by their employer. If your talking paycuts it has happened to every company out here. Not sure where you’re going. Is this the best time to look? No. But it’s not impossible either.


what about good guys fired over nonsense rather than being laid off?


I haven’t seen it. That’s all I’m saying. Everyone has their side to a story. We’ve fired plenty off one boat his year. Inability to do their jobs is why. Also was speaking to a chief at another place and he said that particular company has been cutting dead weight and bringing new guys in. Mentioned engineers not following policies, sea buoy mates replaced with guys who can handle the boat offshore and dockside stuff like that. Take it for what it’s worth.


This week, I happen to have 2 very nice gentlemen, both ECO Captains staying at my B&B.
They are taking the leadership management classes at the ECO training center in Galliano.

Thought I would remind mariners who are coming down to take classes that I still offer a discounted rate of $70/night.
This includes a deluxe continental breakfast consisting of bagels, toast, fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal bars, protein bars, ham and cheese muffins, grits, oatmeal, banana bread/cinnamon rolls, cereal and milk, juice, coffee, tea, bottled water, etc.

If I can be of help to any of you in providing nice, affordable lodging while going to school in the area, please email me at, PM, or call (985) 537-6773

Wishing you all the very best!!!

Claudette L. Pitre
A Chateau on the Bayou B&B
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