Kirby NYC Hiring Deckhands

Does anyone know Kirby NYC’s day rates for AB/OS and do they pay travel?

I don’t know the day rates but I have heard that you have to make it to one of their hubs and they pay travel from the hub to the boat. My chief went and talked to them and said they had 15 hubs.

What does hub mean??? And do you know if they are still hiring ???

Some companies have ‘hubs’ in major cities that they fly into and out of. For example someone living in Beaumont, Texas would probably have to provide his/her own transportation to the airport in Houston. Different companies use different hubs, but you can generally expect it to be the nearest large city with an airport.

Is this a perm NYC position are will they move ya? I wonder how long their hitches are?

I would think it would be 2-2 or 3-3 for hitches. I know kirby ny is RTBU.