Just who is flying these days?

Geez. . . .

My employer is being very generous about rental cars these days.

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Stay strapped or get clapped

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I feel like the Andy Griffith of air travelers.

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Of all the episodes (And think I have watched all at least 3-100 times) I have watched of Andy, the biggest event for him and Barney was going to Mount Pilot, or on really special trips the grand city of Raleigh,NC. Thank goodness they didn’t drive Barneys car he bought from the old lady scammer or brought Aunt Bee’s pickles for a snack along the way. They never flew, good advice about now, if you can avoid it.

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I was referring to the fact he didn’t carry a gun. Although he broke out a rifle now and then in pursuit of Ernest T. Bass.

Always had his one bullet in his left front pocket.

Andy was a patient of my wife in his later years. She says he was an adorable gentleman, contrary to the people who don’t know him or bothered him. My tenant and him sang in the same choir and acted in “Lost Colony”.


I couldn’t believe that people were that stupid to think they could get through security with a fire arm or that clueless to have forgotten to check their bag for one.

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The article in the OP says that the rate of guns found has increased "despite’ an decrease in air travel but it’s not impossible that the rate found has increased because of the decrease in air travel.


So only the idiots have increased their air travel while the other 75% are keeping their guns at home?

The rate as compared to total travelers. So the total number of guns found may be lower, but as a percentage of the total number screened, it’s higher, i.e. a greater percentage of travelers are idiots.


This seems more likely. Fewer passengers may mean better quality screening.

The idiots were always there, along with law abiding citizens. Therefore, higher numbers as travel decreased as idiots flying as a percentage did not decrease as much as responsible people with a heckuva a lot more sense.

The few that still traveled were more frightened, than the precedent overall goodweather media ?

The US is at its highest legal gun ownership percentile right now due to obviously what is going on around the country… I’d hope those who are qualified and have trained to legally carry their handguns weren’t the victims of those x-ray machines…