John Deere governor controller

I installed a new governor control box (DSE5110) shown in the picture. I have wired it exactly to the diagram and I’m running into starting issues. I can’t find any troubleshooting information on the internet anywhere so I’m hoping here might help. The issues are:

  1. the governor on the John Deere isn’t responding
  2. control box won’t change its crank time
  3. it’s wired to the mag pick up, not the alternater
  4. the control box is reading low oil pressure for some reason.

Any insight would be great! Thank you!

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

  1. (Also 4) Check the low oil pressure shutdown reset. Do you remember the button you used to have to push until oil pressure built up? It’s electronic now to allow for automation. They can fail or be wired incorrectly. Try jumping it.
  2. Might be blocked with oil pressure alarm but more likely you’re doing it wrong.
  3. Never seen one wired to the alternator, don’t know why someone would do that or how it would work.

We’re going through the motions. It’s also reading RPM for some reason when it’s not even hooked up.

Is it an emergency generator?

On some USCG vessels the E-Gen has two settings, emergency mode & normal mode. Normal mode having all the safety settings from the manufacturer that prevents damages to the engine in non critical operation. Emergency mode bypasses all the safeties except for low lube oil pressure to give power to escape the ship. Maybe try running it briefly in emergency mode or with all the e-stops blocked/closed. If it runs like that, go through the stops, bypassing them one at a time to see which one is preventing it from starting.

I think @MAK is leading you on the right path concerning the lube oil pressure safety so do that first.

John Deere E-Gens suck once they go bad IMO, hard to fix because they aren’t intuitive for me.

(Obviously since it is electronic make sure you are getting the correct control voltage)

To aid in troubleshooting that RPM indication issue if you have an electronic pulse generator you may be able to connect that in place of the mag pickup. But if you’re showing revs when stopped you definitely have some wiring problems. Steady or fluctuating?

If @Sand_Pebble ‘s emergency mode advise is relevant I hope it goes without saying to have someone standing by to e-stop/cut fuel/air if she runs away or starts hunting bad. (I once had a generator coupling shear due to hunting right after a refurb governor install…real messy)

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Deep Sea units have a million options for functionality but a pain in the ass to get to where they actually work correctly. Who packaged the generator for you? Was it test ran with that specfic deep sea module? If not i’d be troubleshooting with them to make sure they have the parameters set appropriately.

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Per the installation instruction I found on their website:

  1. what type of governor?

  2. that should be Parameter 2 - Crank attempt

  3. Terminals 17 and 18 should be the mag pickup. That gives the actual speed signal.
    If your getting any speed with the engine off there’s a problem. Try disconnecting the wires on the terminals to make sure. Make sure that Parameter 18 flywheel teeth setting is not set to zero or it WILL be using the alternator for speed. FYI zero (0) is the default setting.

  4. it looks like terminal 44 might be for your oil pressure sensor or what some call a “sender”. Parameter 21 is where you tell the unit what type of pressure sensor you have installed. Make sure it’s right.

Based on your handle and the workmanship I’m guessing you’re not a marine electrician. Not dogging you, just double check all your connections.

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Also as far as the starting issues what are they?

If it’s cranking then your e-stop and cranking contact are good. Electric or air starting motor?

What exactly is terminal 4, the fuel contact, connected to?

I think the answer is all ready here but for future reference most of the dedicated engineers deal with this stuff on the engineer pages!