Jobs In Nigeria

I am trying to find a job in Nigeria on AHTS. I have 1600 Ton/ 3000 ITC Oceans and Master of Towing and Vanuau Endorsement and it really is hard to find any companies looking for these positions to be filled. If you know anyone write back. Thanks

Call Chouest. There are a few older AHTS working in Nigeria, and a few new ones that will be working in Angola from what I hear.

Trico sent a bunch of their “old junk” to Nigeria and “re flagged” a couple years back…you might check with them…be advised Trico maybe due for bankruptcy again…there has been some activity in Angola lately…not sure which companies??

epic divers continually advertises for vanuatu licenses??


Steve Foster, this one is right up your alley!:smiley:

Tidewater was hiring not too long ago. A friend of mine out there tells me they still need Captains, esp for his relief.

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