Job board

I notice that recently there has been an increase in postings on the Job Board by foreign based headhunters seeking candidates for jobs that are not in the US nor are even available to US citizens (re: Spinnaker Consulting). I wish that the Job board could be set up that sets foreign jobs into a seperate section since almost all readers here are Americans and looking for jobs that are either in this country or at least available to us. There are quite a few other international job listing sites out there and I just don’t want to see this site become another one of those.


I hear ya, and we’re working on getting more employers signed up and using the job board. Help us out by telling spreading the word to your HR managers, it’s free to use afterall. The U.S. based employers, when they post, have come back with really good feedback due to gCaptain’s well educated, hardworking, and qualified userbase;-)

For all U.S. listings look here - FYI you can grab the RSS for U.S. based (or any search criteria for that matter) on the top of each search result page.