Jim Tobin interview

I never attended KP. I have met Mr Tobin on numerous occasions when my son attended. He has been a thoughtful , reasonable man and deserves an ear. GCaptain did well to interview him. Of course he has the Academys best interest in mind. He believes in the concept and doesn’t mince words.Sitting in the football stands with him he was approachable, knowledgable and a damn good fellow…Cannot put into words what this fellow and staff has done for the school over many decades through thick and thin. Thanks Jim, and shout out to Gcaptain for getting another side of the story. Agree with Tobin, prosecute the shit of the offender, not the schools.

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I thought the Tobin interview was reasonably balanced. Of course he was shocked and appalled by the incidents. How could anyone not be…

The rubber meets the road with actions. “Acta non Verba” is the cry of USMMA. I will hold my judgement of Mr. Tobin until I see the actions of the foundation in regards to helping to solve the issues. He is but a spoke in the wheel but an important one in the Kingpoint community. He can rally the alumni to help solve the issue or to support the academy. Those should not be mutually exclusive objectives. Time will tell if he can manage to walk that tightrope.

I wish him luck and we should try and support him as much as possible in his endeavors. We should also not forget this is our second shot at fixing these issues in the last five years. Let’s hope we can fix it this time because I fear that if we have three strikes and we will be out… and that would be a terrible outcome for all involved.

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It is apparent you know Jim. I can assure you as an old school mariner, Jim would have beat the fuck out of that dude,as would I and what was left of him reported to the correct authorities. Classic fellow that looks out for the best interests of the Academy. Tobin is the real deal.Many schools across the country should be so lucky to have that caliber of person to represent them and their Alumni.