JD Cavo question (celestial)

I have a 200 ton Master + Master of Towing and want to take celestial. I assume that I 'll take the 200 ton version (not looking to upgrade, too old) but what is the difference between the 200 ton version and the higher?

There’s more stuff on the 500 Ton exam. I’ll add exactly what after I get back in the office and can check what’s on the exams.

Ok, thanks, just seems strange to me that there would be any difference. The sky is the sky right?

<strong>The sky is the sky right?</strong>
Nope. Not really. Depends where you are. High altitude sights are one difference that comes to mind. You will not see that on a 200 ton test. You will not have to worry about minor stars till Chief Mate either.

The major differences between the Master 200 Tons celestial problems exam and the Master 500 Tons exam is that the 500 Ton exam is 15 problems, and includes the following not on the 200 Ton exam: sailings, voyage planning, star ID, star fix, and Lat. by Polaris. The 200 Ton exam is 5 problems.
The following are on the Master 200 Tons Celestial Nav. problems exam: 1) LAN-Sun; 2) Fix/Running Fix-Sun; 3) Time Meridian Transit; 4) Azimuth/Amplitude-Sun; 5) LHA / ZN / HO.
Your comment about the sky is the sky is valid. I am not sure there is a good reason for the difference in the exams, but note that lower tonnage licenses have always been required to know less than the higher tonnage licenses, even in subjects like navigation where there does not apear to be a strong connection to the size of the vessel the license is vlaid for. We are reconsidering all of these differences and determingin if an change is needed. One example of a liklely change is Rules of the Road, licenses 200 Tons and under get a 30 question exam, and 500 Tons and over get a 50 question exam. But there is not a single question in our database that might appear on one exam but not the other. Another example of a recent change was combining the exams for 3rd Mate AGT, 2nd Mate AGT, Mate 500 GRT and Mate 1600 GRT. Prior to STCW each had their own exam, with differing requirements on what was on them.
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50 question celestial?
Glad I finished my testing career when I did!!!

I’m glad I was a Quartermaster…I may have a fighting chance !

Rules. (the original comment was edited to correct the omission…)

For one to upgrade to 1600 t Oceans, do they have to test at the USCG or just submit the certificate for course completion?
Thank you – Brian

Either one or the other.
Make sure the course you are looking at is approved to substitute for the exams. It will say so in the course approval. Since we are still a bit behind in updating our web page (should be donenext week), a current list is attached.

Thank you JD.