Jackup Seacor Power Capsized

They found 7 seacor life vest with missing lights and/or beacons… video

Correct Lee.

7 life jackets found today. SEVEN! There are 7 missing men! 2 hard hats and a water bottle also found. A beacon from the life jacket was cut off and some of the jacket straps were also clean cut. :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4: Keep praying!
#BringThemHome https://twitter.com/AN0N0M0USE/status/1386502432528633861/photo/1

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Very long video from the Cajun Navy but they think the remaining 7 crew members survived, cut the beacons and the lights off the life vests and are lost somewhere in the marsh.

Wishful thinking, but why would they cut off the beacons and lights? That defies logic on the very tool that is designed to help find them. This happened so fast many were not able to get out nor put on the survival type gear.

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You can walk in the marsh down there… it’s only about knee high.
I guess they’d cut off what they need (flash light and beacon) to lighten their load while they walk? It’s very wishful thinking…

Never mind.

Were these live-jackets not just outlived jackets, removed from the compulsory stock and just stocked somewhere for boarding dogs and ‘friends’?
Therefore, with removed useful identifications, outdated batteries and other useful things?

This is weird. Fiance says he was alive after vessel capsized.

Vercher said rescue crews found Guevara on the lift boat and told him to jump in the water and swim to their boat. Quickly after, the crew told him to turn around and hide in a hatch on the Seacor Power instead.

In that storm, with those waves why tell him to jump then hide in the hatch?

“Quickly after”.

Might have been a sudden and temporary change in wind/sea conditions or the like.

United Cajun Navy suspends search :pensive: