ISPS a hindrance to smooth vessel oparation?

ISSA raise questions about unfair port access due to ISPS:

99% of port security is just for show. If terrorists wanted to act in ports, it would still be easy for them to do so. All this silly and ineffective port security accomplishes virtually nothing. We should restore freedom, common sense, convenience, and reduce costs by going back to the way things were before 9/11.


But it make some people feel safe, so who care if it actually do anything?
Just like airport security, it is ineffective and costly, but it is wanted by a majority of the public.

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More like the majority of sheep who drank the Kool-Aid and bought into the “it’s for your own good” BS.

The idea of airport cattle herding security procedures and “port security” being desired or appreciated by the public is the equivalent of “thank you for your service” spoken by ignorant twits who want to be one of the non threatening, non terrorist, “I’m on your side” morons who honestly believe the rights they so willingly gave away will save them from some imagined enemy.


Actually, I think there is a much better case for airport security. Planes have proven to be attractive targets. For all it’s defects, Airport security is much more effective than port security.

While it is unlikely that terrorists would try to take over airplanes and use them as kamikaze weapons again, planes are fragile and could be easily brought down by a terrorist, or an ordinary suicidal maniac. There are a lot of crazy people running around; some of them are carrying guns.

Airport security should be improved where it matters, like much more thorough vetting of airport workers and vendors. That is the real big vulnerability. The silly nonsense, like routinely removing clothing and shoes, or calling a pair of dividers in my briefcase a dangerous weapon, that needs to stop, at least on domestic flights.

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The tsa precheck is money well spent. Helps avoid eliminating clothing at least.

I agree that pre-check is essential, but most of the shoes that I wear to a boat set off the alarm anyway. As do many belts, and other things. And so often, the pre-check line is closed because they need all the TSA agents at busy regular screening stations.

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Haven’t dealt with that curve ball yet. Only one time at one airport the precheck line was closed, but that was because it was dead slow.

Especially the rule about “no liquids over 100 ml” is kind of silly. (Not sure what the limit is in US measures)

On most airports they just look what size is stated on the container. If the declared volume is below 100 ml (or 100 gr.) it is OK, anything over must be surrendered for destruction. But you can have a dozen different containers with unknown content. No problem.

The other one is when they set the gain on the detectors to where even a single dime in your pocket sets off the alarm. Not to mention belt buckles of the simplest type. Unless it is one of those Texas size buckles it is easy to determine that you cannot hide anything in it, but in most places they’ll have you go back, take off your belt and run it through the x-ray machine, while you re-enter through the scanner without a peep.
In Singapore they have realised that when they have waived their magic van all over you and only the belt bucket set off a signal, that is the sours. Inspect it and you are free to go.

I think it’s a 4oz limit for liquids and gels in the US. It amusing to watch watch the TSA idiots trying to figure out how many ounces the container is.

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How about on the ship side where we are preparing for Johnnie Depp on a Caribbean run and severely limiting our fire response due to locked down doors.

ISPS compliant entry gate at the Coastal Authority’s main depot in Aalesund:

OK, ISPS is probably is not required here, since it only serve as a base for their own service vessels, like this one, having a rest during Easter:

That’s my kind of gate. Anyone can walk around on either side. I like the guard shack too.

Here in Stavanger the cruise ships have a gated ISPS area but I can come up in my boat on the seaward side and plant a limpet mine ( haven’t actually found out who sells them locally) and potentially cause damage to those ships with possibly 4000-5000 PAX and crew onboard.
The ISPS is ridiculous and involves uneccesary costs.


Try eBay.

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The whole ISPS system has always been a load of old bollocks. I’m sure the SSO on the Maersk Alabama has diligently filled out his last 10 ports and counted his padlocks yet they still got whacked. :man_shrugging:t2: