ISO 17682 Released on ship launching utilizing air bags

From Jan 29 to Feb 1, 2013, ISO/TC8/SC8/WG4 “air bag” work group meeting was held in ISO UK office. The meeting approved the ISO/CD17682 Ship and marine technology — Methodology of ship launching utilizing air bags. It’s released on May 1st, 2013.

ISO 17682:2013 specifies general guidelines for ship launching utilizing air bags, including the specification of the ship and facilities such as air bags, slipway, towing arrangements, the launching procedure, and safeguards during the ship launching.

ISO17682 and ISO14409 were drafted by Jinan Changlin Air Bag Container Co., Ltd. The approvals on the standards indicate that Jinan Changlin has been on the forefront of the world on ship launching air bag production and application. Jinan Changlin ship launching technology has reached world advanced level. They launched a DWT 82,000, dead weight 16,000T ship successfully in 2011.