Island Offshore to provide support for Titanic expedition


The Titanic Survey Expedition will conduct an annual scientific and technological survey of the wreck with a mission to:

  • Create a detailed 3D model of the shipwreck and portions of the debris field using the latest multi-beam sonar, laser scanning and photogrammetric technology.

  • Supplement the work done on previous scientific expeditions to capture data and images for the continued scientific study of the site.

  • Document the condition of the wreck with high-definition photographs and video.

  • Document the flora and fauna inhabiting the wreck site for comparison with data collected on prior scientific expeditions to better assess changes in the habitat and maritime heritage site.

The idea is to provide an objective basis to assess the decay of the wreck over time and help document and preserve its submerged history. They will make use of the 5-man submersible Titan (4000 m) for the expedition.


who is funding all of this?

They already sold all 54 tickets for $ 130.000 each to ‘passengers’ so the first 7 million is in the pocket.