Introducing The New Galliano Inn

I hear they are doubling bar prices as well :wink:

full article HERE

They could set em up outside of Belle Pass as honeymoon getaways…

I can see the brochure even now!

[li]relax in your spacious room with a fantastic view of exciting & scenic Port Fourchon[/li][li]enjoy the beautiful romantic views of the Rabbit Patch at night glowing in the moonlight[/li][li]waterski around the Candlesticks[/li][li]rent a sailboat to take on a lovely daytrip to the Hole in the Wall with a bikini’d beauty along for the ride[/li][li]thrill to see topless buxom young ladies on the topdeck wave to sailors on the many big orange boats passing by…[/li][li]ride out a force 4 hurricane at a wild party held in the Tiki Bar![/li][/ul]
…sounds like paradise to this sailor :smiley:

Maybe that’s where the new road to Fourchon will terminate?

That’s Gary’s new fish camp!

It would be kind of neat not to have to leave your hotel room to go “deep sea” fishing.

To [I]Quote A Mighty Wind[/I]“She looks like a cocktail waitress on an oil rig!” :eek:

The new Trump Port Fourchon casino and resort !!:eek:

another five years and that will be the Shell building on Poydras