Interesting "book" that came with a star finder

I ordered a star finder on eBay so that I could start my journey down the celestial path and it came with two additional items. One is a weather computer or so it it called and the other is an atlas that I have never seen before.

Has anyone on here seen one or own one? It is pretty interesting, not your typical book in the fact that it is comprised of long pages that are folded over inside the cover. For a free add on to my star finder, I thought it was pretty cool. Has all kinds of meteorological information, diagrams, drawings, etc.

The “weather computer” is pretty cool too. I guess just because it seems fairly old (well, compared to me haha)

Just thought I would share with you guys

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It looks like what used to be called a “Pilot Chart” which was published for different Ocean regions, with charts of a very small scale. They provided, in a a month to month format all sorts of information with regard to various weather elements such as winds, average sea state, currents, sea temperature, etc. that were most useful to planning an open ocean passage. I seem to remember they were not too long ago condensed into a quarterly rather than monthly format.

From your description, I am thinking that is exactly what it is. I had never seen one before, when it came in with my star finder I was curious. I didn’t find much information online about them and was intrigued.

For whatever reason, I always like grabbing uncommon things like this. Well, I am not sure how uncommon they are, but I have never seen one. On top of that, getting it for basically free was a plus!

The „Pilot Charts“ are still published by NGA

The last edition is from 2002.

The Pilot Charts were very important for commercial sailing vessels.
Today they are still used for oceanic route planning with sailboats.

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If you want them for “non-required” references, you can download the pilot charts as PDF files.

I got them on my tablet computer just because I’m an info pack-rat.

Along with several Bowditch editions. Because…

I’m an info pack-rat and it’s not like these PDF files take up much space on modern electronic devices.

You have the new 2017 Bowditch I hope?

The newest plus several pdf versions of some very old editions.

Have you bought the reprint of the original? It’s available on Amazon for around $30.

I keep those nice hard copies at home. Reprints and otherwise. At sea I pretty much go with ebooks and PDF files.

The best one I have is an industrial rigging handbook from the fifties.

Why is it one of my favorites?

The first aid section suggests whiskey to calm down an injured person.

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