Inquiry: Ship Type/Weight + Containers Per Ship


I’m doing research on the shipping of cotton and cotton t-shirts. I am seeking information on a commonly used ship (size/weight/DWT) for transporting cotton fabric and cotton t-shirts from Miami USA to Honduras (and back), and from the West Coast USA to Shanghai (and back).

I am trying to determine how many containers of cotton fabric and cotton t-shirts would be shipped at once from these locations.

Any information about this would be appreciated.

Thanks for your time.


One more question:

How many containers can fit on a 65,000 DWT ship?

A hint:
Find a company which has a trade there.
Find the name of ship(s) on the line.
Find the vsls particulars on net.

The rest is like puting two and two together.

The size of the vessel will be determined by several limitations: harbor draft / size limits, cargo gear required or not / usual qty of export , etc
So its very hard to estimate by the rule of the thumb.

Your best bet is to search customs records for the port or use a commercial intelligence company which tracks that sort of thing.

Here is an example of what one such company has to offer.

A freight forwarder will have this information readily available. Eventually you will be requiring the services of one anyway.

If you cannot get hold of one directly, Customs should be able to advise you of the reputable ones in such ports.

It is unlikely that you will require an entire ship for such shipments.

Thanks everyone, for your feedback.