India is awsome

Bank robbing rats is not everyday happening, even in India:

A good reason to go cashless???

If I have rats gnawing through my pockets I am definitely hanging around the wrong places…or dead.

I find it better to have paper money in 3rd world countries like India for more than a few reasons.

  1. Still, someplaces only take hard currency.
  2. I don’t always trust vendors machine with my card.
  3. It’s easier to track spending when I see the cash leave my possession.
  4. No paper trail when I pay cash.
  5. When in an extremely packed place like Carnival, a festival or a club, I don’t like to have anything on me that I can’t easily replace. If a rat or pickpocketer gets a hundred bucks from me its better that losing a card

Monkey driving bus is not daily fare, even in India:

They are probably Norway rats.


So the bus driver is just playing pocket pool, is that it?