Increase in Scope Combo

So an interesting MMC question…

I have the following:

  • 100 Master NC Self Propelled with Sail
  • 200 Master Inland Self Propelled (no sail)
  • 200 Mate NC Self Propelled (no sail)

I have the self propelled days, and want to get the 200 Master NC and end up with:

  • 200 Master Self Propelled NC
  • 100 Master Self Propelled NC with Sail

So I’m not sure how to make this clear to the examiners. It could be an increase in scope from 100NC to 200NC but without the sail (but keep the sail for the 100NC). I already took the 200 upgrade class back when first went to 200.

Or it could be 200 Inland to 200 NC, simple additional days. But I don’t think I should need any additional testing (already have the 100 master NC and 200 mate NC.

Confusing enough?

Take with a grain of salt.

Request a renewal of 100 Master Self Propelled NC with Sail with a Raised of Grade 200 Mate NC Self Propelled (no sail) to 200 Master Near Coastal IAW 46 CFR 11,903 (c) (3). Source Deck and Engineering Guide pg. 17

I hope my thoughts answer your questions.

I looked up that reference - that appears to be perfect!
Thank you, I forgot about that no-test CFR.