ILO & MI medicals - anyone know where to get them done in the US?

I work for a tanker company with vessels registered in the Marshall Islands. Can anyone enlighten me where I can get my ILO and Marshall Islands pre-joining medical exmas done in the US. I have to join the first week of July. Thanks.

Just download the form online and take it to any Doctor… Some flag states even accept the USCG medical form, in not sure about MI

also, is this not the responsibility of the vessel owner (employer) to arrange?

Thanks for you suggestion “youngpup” bc that’s exactly what I ended up doing and got both exams done at a Health First clinic. Normally this would be the responsibility of the company but in my case the manning office is in Asia and they put the onus on me to get it done here.

Oh well… it’s done and I’ll be shipping out next week!