I hate experian

And all the “credit reporting” idiots… What a cluster*uck. I just ran mine the other day. I wanted to USE my VA loan. There is all kinds of BS on mine, shit my ex wife did,stuff that I really did not do and stuff that’s been paid up/off that has been noted as 'Charge off" well if that’s the case I want my GD money back!
Now, I have to jump thru 20 hoops and call this jackwagon, that jackwagon guy, goto the courthouse and fight with some nitwit, dig thur old boxes to prove stuff. If you have not run one of these things YOU NEED TOO. you will be F’ing shocked. Also watch for “credit inquries” GD Direct TV has been hitting my beacon like once a month for the last 6-9 months. WTF???

Brown party liquor - you still love me don’t you?

Having credit problems? This doesn’t happen overnight. They do provide free yearly reports. In the end it is mostly your fault and you are going to have to take resposibility for it.

If you are not keeping up with your credit, you are disappointing no one.

No disrespect or personal bearing towards you Rebel, but I bet you are on or have been on blood pressure medication.

Erupt into a bit of rage…

Yeah, I get a bit cranky when faced with BS. I did manage to find a phone # where you can call and speak to a real person. I think I got most of it sorted out. Time will tell. The # is - 714-830-7000.

and Amercia is about FREEDOM! :wink: