I️ am going to buy a salmon seiner and need help

they drop one end of the net right up on the beach…it’s the reason why Kodiak and Chignik boats are so small. tiny seines requiring very shallow drafts

In Prince William Sound crew shares for hired seine captains usually range from 20% to 30% of the gross earnings, minus fuel and groceries. I’ve heard as low as 15%, which could get you an experienced deckboss, which might be all you need. I think you’re on the right track HenryJD, check your account messages for a bunch more info I sent you a couple days ago.

sounds like quite the adventure! It also sounds risky on all fronts but then I know little of those small boat operations though there have been days I sure envied looking down on them from main deck. Keep charging ahead!


I hope you plans are coming together well.

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I want to buy a salmon boat too! I got lucky enough to inherit a BB drift permit but have no knowledge of the fishery. I have been watching youtube and don’t think it looks that hard. How long would it take to become the captain? Does anyone know anything about this fishery or anything about the boats ? Would like to start off with a good platform but dont really know the advantages or difference between the stern pick vessels and the bow pick vessels. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

I know a great deal about the fishery and you are dead wrong when you say it isn’t hard! to catch fish in quantity it can be a brutal cutthroat business

sell that permit and invest your easily gotten windfall


What is your experience in that fishery? Maybe I could hire you as a captain to show me the ropes! It seems like the fishery has a strong market right now.

I grew up in a family of Croatian fishermen out of Seattle, my father fished in BB for many years before it became the fish killing cowboy circus it is today. I my life I have had the opportunity to be a fisherman in “the Bay” many, many times and always turned it down because it is too competitive now with men out to cut their buddies throat in order to “cork him”…no sir, I have no interest to be your captain or show you how it is done.

mind you to, you only have the permit in hand…now you need a boat, gear and a crew all up in a remote outpost in Alaska in which you have never set foot. A couple hundred grand you will need to cough up before you sell a single “red” to your buyer. Without a man who has been there already many times to hold your hand and guide you throughout, the wolves with devour your carcass in minutes after that plane lands. How much you willing to offer such a man? 50%? 60%? 70%…most will demand at least 70% of the net profits after fuel, grub and crew are paid leaving you only 30% of the profit to pay for that boat and gear. Any man who has been there will see you are a rube to fleece royally. There are no kind old men wanting to teach a young’n out there…they want MONEY and lots of it! Bristol Bay is the “Gold Rush” only with fish instead of nuggets of metal. The men up there are there to make Bank and leave nothing to the next guy. and think you will learn all you need to know in one season? HA! Try 5years before you might fly solo. in all that time you are making payments on that boat and nets.

I say yet again, sell that permit and invest your $160k windfall. My boat needs an investor. I’ll offer you a great deal on a profit split plus you would get a job from it as well. You have a ticket? What is your background?

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Wow these people sound intense! Sounds like you wouldnt really have enough experience to “show me the ropes” anyhow. However, thank you for all the information.

What kind of catch could one expect to catch with a man with the described experience at the helm?

What is this vessel you speak of and ticket?


yeah…intense assholes and pirates

you’re right I wouldn’t but even if I had I wouldn’t help you unless you rewarded me very well with plenty of gold coin

my vessel, the r/v DAUNTLESS. do a thread search and you will find all sorts of info on her

also by ticket I mean officer’s license, seaman’s papers, you know…any professional certificates?

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I dont really understand what makes them assholes, but intense yes…

So is the R/V Dauntless operational? Does it have a contract? Seems like there would be more $ in fishing as compared to research. Does it take more skill to run a fishing boat as compared to a Research Vessel? I’m assuming you are the captain. What does the vessel need an investment for? Do you even need a license to work on a research vessel?


nevermind…but watch out for them wolves

I would expect a catch like this:


Not that I’m aware of. As long as you can drink rum and motor-boat a set of fun-bags you are ahead of the game.


And I am supposed to pay a crewmember for doing that? HELL! If the fun-bags are firm and fine then I expect them to pay me!

Then again it is my vessel and if there are any firm and fine tits in need of being motorboated, I get first dibs on the work.

Don’t worry, @anonmariner . I think I found someone for you. He’s well koalafied.




Well done!

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Is that your boat?

It is. I just wrapped up my first season with her. We didn’t set any records, but all and all it was a success. After my original post flew all over Alaska looking at boats. Last summer I worked on deck on a kodiak seiner. Bought this boat last winter and hired an older experienced skipper to help me out my first season.