Hydraulic hose tags

Can anyone give me a CFR referance to hyd. hoses requireing an install date tag. I’ve heard that this Reg. exists but I can’t seem to find it.

FWIW, I have never come across a CFR that mentions anything other than the “standard” which hose must meet for certain applications. Class requires non-metallic hoses to have the manufacturing date stamped or embossed on the hose. That is about the extent of it since installation date is not much of a guideline as far as they are concerned. Poor storage conditions can destroy a new unused hose quicker than a good installation can.

There may be company rules that require marking the install date though. Machinery histories and maintenance records would make that information relevant to that ship and the specific item on which the hose is installed.

Just taking a swing, guessing you work on OUTVs?

I believe this is Vetting oriented, and the Vettors are requiring (among other things) Hyd hose records and documentation, Line and wire record and documentation, and machinery history logs and documentation. I have not heard this being a CFR issue, but I have heard that hyd hoses are coming under more scrutiny as ‘major components of steering gear’ that have heretofore been pretty much glossed over.

It isnt CFR, but try [I]ABS 90M Rules, Part 4 Chapter 4 Section 1 9.19.6 Marking
All available online thru www.eagle.org for free, no sign up

DNV Rules online too, no charge, no sign up