Humor is the best medicine, bleach doesn't work

Probably, you are not aware :
Every night, when you are sleeping, Mutt is here in the forum and looks what you write about him.


urs, mutt is with me always and SHE is a good companion. I am happy. My sanity is helped greatly. If she is posting, on the forum, I did a damn good job of raising her. Good mutt. Sorry the groomers can’t get to work in my state, she looks like a black bear right now, only curlier. I love my mutt. And she still likes toast. Humor is the best medicine.


You must be a good egg (pun fully intended). Pets can be biased, but they do not lie.

CoastalTrader, my mutt can see through the bullshit. I am blessed. Wish I knew what is in her head. So far she likes me, and toast.

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Must have gotten bad in NZ too.


Our brave medical folks on the front lines of this war are inspiring precocious children to get an early start:

A woman brings eight-year-old Jimmy home and complains to his mother that he was caught playing Doctors and Nurses with her eight-year-old daughter.

”Let’s not be too harsh” says Jimmy’s mother. “They’re bound to be curious about sex at that age.”

”Curious about sex?” Replies the girl’s mother. “He’s removed her appendix!"

I kept this video from the wife. She reads a lot of crime fiction.

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Humorous video from China. It’s cute!

Entitled Once Upon a Virus, the short animation — released by China’s official Xinhua news agency — takes the form of a back-and-forth between China and the US with China being represented by a Lego terracotta warrior and a team of hazmat wearing characters, and the US by the Statue of Liberty.

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Wonderful. The return of the Saturday morning cartoons.