Hudson River Anchorages (ANPRM) ONE HAND

[B][U]Hudson River Anchorage (ANPRM)[/U][/B] - Comments and related material
Must be received by the Coast Guard on or before September 7, 2016 either via snail mail or online. You may submit comments identified by docket number USCG– 2016–0132 using the Federal rule making. Cut and paste the following link in your web browser, and insert RIN 1625–AA01 into search to enter your comments. It is anticipated that landowners along the Hudson River and Environmental Groups will come out strong against this proposal and therefore we will need ALL Mariners to send in comments providing the USCG strong backing to justify this rulemaking for codification. Support fellow Mariners and preserve our custom and practice Anchorages. Currently there are 70 comments against and only 10 in favor. There will only get one chance to preserve our anchorages so lets not let this chance slip away. VOLUME COUNTS so support the Maritime Industry. Here is the link to the docket:


There is a green button on the upper right hand corner for submitting

Also a recent article.

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