Hpiping to 3rd Mate

Im AB onboard 5868 grt OSV. Ive been studying and working towards my 3rd for about a year and skills at ship handling the vessel as well. No issues on my ability to operate this thing with ease. I know its stated that leadership and teamworking skills can be done by assessment. Can officially without a doubt any other parts of the requirements for STCW 500 gt or more be done without taking the class?

If not do to a serious complication concerning my son i will have to change something. Ive done radar, med care provider, AFF, SAR, ARPA, officially. However i can effectively plot in real world “T-NAV & C-NAV” and operate EDCIS and DP as well as do the approach paperwork and departure All thanks to my captain. Open to all suggestions??

Short answer, no.

The reason you can do Leadership and Teamworking by assessment is because the CFR does not require a course (unlike Leadership and Managerial Skill for chief mate and master, for that a course is required). What is required is to demonstrate meeting the standard of competence. That means assessment, not required courses.

The Leadership and Teamwork Skills courses that are available are geared towards people who don’t have the ability to do assessments as they are working ashore. So with those it’s the opposite of what you want, it’s a course ito meet the requirement to do assessments.