How to PM someone

Having a low-tech day here. How does one go about PM’ing another member on this site??


Yes, inquiring minds would like to know…

Used to be able to by going to the Member List, clicking on the member name, and then you could PM. It’s been disabled I think. John?

Yes, it’s disabled. Here’s the email from our forum developer:

[b]I’m glad you contacted me; Shawn mentioned that you might be. I’m not sure how much you know about vB, so I’ll run through a few pointers. You probably know most of all of this, but I want to make sure it’s clear.

Unlike your current forum software, Vanilla, vB is not free. You have to pay for the license to run it, usually yearly. You get what you pay for, though. vB is 100 times more robust than Vanilla. This also makes it more complicated, so it will take some work to set it up, initially. However, I have setup several vB installs previously so it’s a piece of cake. The only thing that’s a problem is that Vanilla is not very popular in comparison to other, larger, free forum software, and that means that there is no official importer for Vanilla at the moment. While I can write a script to perform this, it would have to be tested, and some things are probably not going to be able to be avoided being lost. For instance, while the user import should function, all passwords and permissions would be reset. Categories and posts should be able to be transferred. There is an advantage here in that Vanilla’s database structure is fairly basic, so the transfer of the available data is mostly straightforward.

This is the basic process I would use to transfer the forums:

  1. Leave the current forum up until the vB install has been tested. This means having both installed and running at the same time, but only the Vanilla forum will be accessible to users.

  2. Install vB

  3. Run a test transfer of posts, categories, users

  4. Test(You and I) to make sure everything is functioning correctly

  5. Assuming it is, disable Vanilla temporarily to prevent posts being lost.

  6. Transfer latest data

  7. Move vB to Vanilla’s folder name, and archive Vanilla

If you’re using any add-ons to Vanilla that you want to keep I’d suggest looking for similar plugins for vB before switching over, or having them developed(I can provide this service if need be).[/b]

So in short, we are disabling all advanced features, one at a time, in preperation for the migration. This way we can monitor bugs and find out which existing features are real must have items.

I just reregistered and dropped the 7 …It’s the only way I could get back on…Thanks

Easy as two clicks - see attached. :slight_smile:

P.S. You can also find the Members list in the Community menu in the header of all forum pages.

On the plus side though at least you can now send emails directly to members though gCaptain.

[QUOTE=Robert;7270]On the plus side though at least you can now send emails directly to members though gCaptain.[/QUOTE]

Yes, but each user has to enable that individually if they want to receive them.

Yes I got a PM from “john”, apparently not John Konrad, and when I replied it bounced because he hasn’t enabled PM-ing. John, if you’re reading this, I can’t help you with your request because I don’t have any knowledge about the subject.