How to Piss-off an English Mate

Here’s a great story on deck/engine interdepartmental friction:

There I was anyway off to down below or the pit for
my two weeks of greasing and deafness induced by lots of howling
machines, I was shown around formally by the second engineer, a
Glaswegian, who had a deep mistrust of anyone from the deck department,
and he hated the English mate, he pointed at various bits of machinery
and roared something at me, had not a clue as to what he was saying,
his accent, drowned out by turbines and boilers and me wearing hearing
protection made it hard to understand, but fair play to him he did his
best. We went back into the air conditioned control room after being
out in 40 degree heat of the engine room, the boiler suit stuck to my
skin wet from sweat and cold all of a sudden…

The rest of the story: