How long does military sea time count

After how long can navy sea time not be counted as a sea day for the licensing/endorsement applications?

I’m trying to help someone starting out in the industry. They were in the navy for 20 years but got out around 2005 and haven’t worked on a vessel since. Am I correct in assuming that none of his previous time on submarines in the navy can be counted towards an endorsement or license?

Forever. But there are requirements for a portion of the service used to qualify for endorsements to have been recent.

Thank you for the correction. So it would be safe to assume that since the service was over 20 years ago none of the trainings would count for anything, correct? For a path moving forward he would still start as an OS/Wiper until he took the necessary classes for STCW and QMED or AB, and then could use his old sea time as the sea time needed for those endorsements?

Yes, probably a good assumption. Most training is limited to 5 years or less. Also, 20 years ago there was not a lot of military training that was Coast Guard approved.

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His sub time may count if he actually was qualified and stood the engine room watch etc. Its worth looking into.