How long did the hiring process take for you?

I am going to apply for a deck job with


First. But I plan to take a drive down to Louisiana and introduce my self and drop off some paper resumes.

How long does it take from applying in person or online to getting that call? On average?

Doesn’t seem like you need to even take the trip to La now…they both have ads plastered everywhere…

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Take a seabag. They will probably hire you on the spot and then you need to do a physical and get huet and rigger classes done. Depending on scheduling it could be a couple weeks before you go to a boat.


Huet is done but i have no rigger card. But I do have about 18,000 in classes and endorsements in my book. I knew it was bad but had no idea it was this bad. I plan on leaving my current job in a few days so i can add a 100T Master and a 200T mate to my resume. Was going to get a temp security job till i get on with some one. Stay home and wait for that call.

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By all accounts you will likely get hired over the phone if you apply and call…

If you really want to drive down there and apply be prepared to get put to work quick.


Been through many ups and downs over many decades. Was usually hired right away after the phone interview and had my bags packed to catch the next flight or bus.Travel lightly.sir, and be ready to go. You will beat the next guy behind you.


They both send you to their doctor for a psyical before they get to 5he hiring stage,
Good luck