How Do You Find Information On A Scraped Vessel?

I’m working on an article and I need information on a vessel that’s been scrapped. I can’t share specifics just yet but equasis says the vessel has been Broken Up. MarineTraffic says the last vessel position was Singapore… so… my question is… is there any way to find out what Ship Breaker she sailed to or what scrap broker she was sold to?

The Shipbreaking Platform is an NGO that’s a collection of environmentalists and human rights folks. They maintain a fairly comprehensive public database of ships that have been scrapped here:

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If the ship was broken up recently, you can also check out Robin Des Bois’ reports on shipbreaking:

Also, quite many shipbrokers list at least the final destination of ships sold for scrap, but not necessarily the company that actually broke up the ship.

Both answers are helpful, thanks!

Fearnleys keep weekly records of demolition sales back to 2004 on this site:
If you know name of vessel or approx. when, you may have a start for your search at least.

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