How do I get meds for a year?

I have high blood pressure and I would like to get meds for that before the 10 month Apprenticeship program.
My doctors appointment is next week. How do I get a years worth of meds using Medicaid?
The SIU Nurse said I may need to pay out of pocket.
I also see Amazon has a Pharmacy now so I may be able to do that.
Does anybody have some tips on this?

In my experience 90% of the time insurance will only pay for a certain amount, the rest I’ve paid out of pocket for.

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Check with your doctor. If it’s not narcotics or pain killers he or she may likely give you a scrip.

I get one of my scrip fulfilled through Express Scripts they mail me my refill when it’s due. That sent to your mail drop and shipped to you could be an option.

The traditional way is to save up the unused stuff when you are stateside and bring it with.

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