Hose Connections

Does anyone have any information about the dry/wet bulk hose connections that are used on board OSV/PSV’s?

There a few different types that you can get… Avery Hardoll, Camlock etc, I find them a little bit confusing and cannot find any one source of information that clearly and thoroughly explains them, any help would be much appreciated.

There are the figure 100 and figure 50 hammer fittings as well as the camlocks. I believe the figure 100 is the most common. Last year we worked a Stena drillship that had the figure 50 and I had to special order some of those.

For liquids the Todo fitting in 3 and 4 inch is the most common. Wether you have to use these for water transfers differs among customers. Some still let you use camlocks.





We use: (working with Chouest boats)
-Pot Water: 4" Hammer
-Drill Water: 4" Hammer
-Base Oil: 4" TODO
-Brine: 4" TODO
-Fuel: 4" TODO
-Cement: 5" Hammer
-Barite/Bentonite: 5" Hammer

We had a lot of question about hose connections for our outfit, and found a lot of help from the guys at hydraulicsdirect.com. They got us set up with some camlocks.