Hey guys I seen this site and seen some one post asking how to start and basically I'm asking the same thing

So I have no experience and understand I’d start off as backhand and need to work up and close to port allen/baton rouge area I know I’d need a Twix and am currently lining up to get it within the week hopefully. My main question is what else do I need to start off on a river tugboat and what to expect I know it can be dangerous I’ve done construction jobs and am not scared of hard work. But I’m looking for more insight on what I’m going to need and expected to have. And is there companies that would train and help get this mms r mmc I’m 140 pound male and when it comes to training and safety gear what do I need are should expect? I have no problem with being away on leave for long periods of time in fact would look forward to it. And if I’ve posted this in the wrong area i do apologize I was trying to find best place to post this. I’m looking to make this my permanent career if possible.

Everything should have been answered for you in the numerous other threads we’ve had on this topic. If you have any specific questions that weren’t covered already then ask those.

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