Help With Finding a Forum Post - a List of Links to Documents and Maritime Info

I am sorry…I tried to find a Post here in gCaptain Forums using the forum search and Google (adding “gCaptain” to the search along with “links” or “reference” or “information” or “list”).

Now I am wondering if this Post really exists. I stumbled across it a couple weeks ago (I thought). It was an extensive categorized list of links to a variety of resources like USCG forms, but also a number of other topics. My description is vague because I didn’t take the time then to look at it closely. I do remember the post to be rather long requiring some scrolling and I thought, “Someone invested some time in this resource and I ought to come back here”.

Again sorry to be so vague, but if anyone has an idea of what I am talking about and could respond with the link that would be fantastic.

P.S. Even if you respond with something else it will still generate some good resources.

Many thanks,

(and my apologies if this the wrong place for this query)


If I find the list, I’ll post about it. I remember printing a list from here a while back. I stuck it in a VHS cassette case for safe keeping. It was a great movie that starred this guy that was in this other movie. I don’t think the movies were part of a series or anything, but they were both something everyone should see. The other movie starred that woman that was married to the guy who starred in a movie where he went on some adventure to some place. They ended up caught in the middle of something else going on and had to get out of that jam. Maybe they were not married, now that I think about it, because he was a B list star and she didn’t get past the second round on Star Search.

Dear “Yep, I’m a coonass”,

You are absolutely right to make fun of my admittedly obtuse request…and thank you in advance for offering to post the list if you find it.

That was a great movie, it reminds me of this one I saw about hippie vampire chicks who drove around in a Volkswagen bug except for maybe that never happened, but I saw it at the drive-in with my older brother when I was 5 or 6 or 7 in our 1970 VW bus which maybe explains why I projected “VW” on the memory and maybe the hippie chicks were actually London fashionistas…but anyway the movie really exists and likely the Post in question may have been a dream or a hallucination. Anyway here’s the movie…check it out!

The gCaptain forums are deep and multitudinous, but I bet someone knows exactly which Post I am talking about.

Cheers, mfnico

Just having a little fun. You seem like a good sport. At least you’re not posting " I’m looking to work on a boat so spoon feed me on how to get started."

Now for the bad news…can’t find the tape case. To top it off, there was no list in the case. Bollocks!

All in good fun! I’m a good sport, but I can sense the circling sharks. So better to close this query by answering it myself, before this newbie gets eaten alive.

The reason why I couldn’t find what I was looking for in “Forums” is that it is not there.

gCaptain Tools was the resource I was looking for…I don’t know why I got tripped up on re-finding it.

A few months ago I did not even know what a Merchant Marine was…now I have aTWIC card and I am waiting for my MMD (hopefully no hitches with anything medical or minor things I might have done 25 years ago…all disclosed of course because Big Brother is watching). Soon I hope to ditch my mind-numbing cubicle and get any kind of experience on the water to prove to PMI I am serious (along with my serious money) and try to get accepted for the 2015 Work Boat Academy.

I am hoping to progress along the slow trajectory from clueless to a tolerable nuisance on board a tugboat over the next couple years…

One step at a time.

Best, mfnico