Help Needed: Finding an Article

So I was watching this video about stability letters:

At 1:10 he speaks about an article he read in “Maritime Technology,” which seems like a really interesting read. I tried googling it up using my usual tricks, including searching for the following phrase:

backed into a corner and left to their own devices, our mariners will disregard their stability guidance

This returns zero hits, and pretty well confirms that the article isn’t indexed by Google. Supposing that he’s talking about the IJMT, I tried searching their archives for various spellings of Darren Munzingo, still to no avail.

Does anybody have a clue which publication he is talking about, or otherwise how I might find the referenced article? I feel like it could provide valuable insight into the interplay between accident theory and the bureaucratization of ship management.

Is this what you are after?

Not entirely sure why it is half hidden, couldn’t highlight all of it.

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Is it possible he meant “Marine Technology”. That is the SNAME magazine rebranded as “mt” some time ago. It is a compilation of technical papers that could have been presented at local section meetings etc. Each issue has a theme these days where the papers are loosely connected by that. Also has book reviews etc.

SNAME papers aren’t usually found online for free that I have found. Subscription is free with membership or I think you can subscribe to it without membership?

You may be able to order a single paper as a reprint. May be worth checking

There is also a Marine Technology Society which may have their own publication but that seemed more orientated to oceanographers / science types.

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Maybe in this one:

I recall a Darren Monzingo sailing as engine cadet on an ATC tanker back in another life.

He is living in the Houston area and working as a Naval Architect. He sells some pretty cool renderings of vessels

on ETSY. I have on of an SL-7 framed on my wall. I need to nag him to see if he has more.

It sounds like there may not be any deep connections there.


backed into a corner and left to their own devices, our mariners will disregard their stability guidance

sounds like it’s based on actual experience, not necessarily any theory.

I think you’re right. Still, if it discusses the human factors in disregarding operational parameters, even from a purely practical perspective, I think it could be enlightening.