Guest luggage and damage done from them

Can any captains of charter luxury yachts give me guidance on how you keep the charter guests luggage from scratching and making marks on the highly finished paneling in tight staircases and halls? And overall how they deal with guest luggage?

Thanks in advance

Tell the cabin boy to take care when carrying it, maybe?


I told them hard suitcases were not allowed on the boat and would be thrown overboard if found. YMMV on if this will allow you to retain your job.

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On Below Deck it doesn’t appear that the guests actually touch their luggage.

Luggage is not needed when all you do is wear one set of linen pants, one linen top, bathing suit and sun hat for a week. Drunk. I learned this from Below Deck also.

I hope there is a washing machine aboard. Those bathing suit bottoms may get quite dank.

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Ya, I guess get it on the boat in one location and then ferry it down to each stateroom one by one and when its time to leave have the guest leave their luggage packed on their bed and ferry it back up one by one to a location on the boat or dock.


wouldn’t it be something if they had a show about what it was really like as a professional mariner? … lt’d probably run about 2 episodes !!! lol

people that fly on private jets just know to use soft bags…where did your customers come from?