Gregory Ferris - MIA

Note: this was posted by a guest on an unrelated post. I have opened this new discussion while I determine the legitimacy of the question. -John

I’m trying to locate information as to the
whereabouts of my son, Gregory Ferris, a
Massachusetts Maritime Academy graduate.

For details, see


Please contact me if you have any information -

Thank you,

FYI - I asked a few contacts at Mass Maritime about Gregory being missing… none of them had heard this story.


My husband and I, and, our other son, have not heard from Greg in over 4 years.
My post to your site is an attempt to locate any information we can as to his


Bonnie, I think everyone would feel a bit better discussing things, and possibly helping you in your search if you created an account, and gave us a little more background as to what happened, and what may have led up to Greg’s disappearance. We come from all walks of life, and reside and/or travel to all corners of the earth, so if nothing else we can help keep an eye out, and spread the word.
We’ll await your input, and in the meantime send you our best wishes and best regards…