Greetings from Norway

The Coastal Express Service has existed fir 130 years and still going strong:

Scenic Eclipse is in town tonight:

Seen here in Vestfjorden 02.Sept. 2023:

Only zero emission Cruise ships will be allowed to visit Geiranger from 2026:
Green cruising: Norway's World Heritage fjords are becoming emission-free.
Here you see why:

This is how the cruise ship “Anthem of the Seas” presented itself in Geiranger this afternoon.
PS> They are probably burning LSHFO and using scrubbers, so it looks worse than it is.

Source: Hamnesjefen: – Dette er ikkje greitt -

PS> On hot and calm days like today colder air at elevation put a “lid” over the fjord due to the high surrounding mountains. This is a know problem and has resulted in similar pictures from a time when the were no regulations on the type of fuel allowed while in port, or transiting in the fjords.

Finally there are no snow to be seen on the mountains:

At least from this part of town, but you only need to move a mile or two towards the east and there are still some permanent snow and iced to be seen in shadowy spots.

That doesn’t look like steam to me.

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What is left after the scrubber has done their work is mainly water vapor as far as I understand it.

Source: Wet scrubber - Energy Education

This is not water vapor but good old fashion diesel smoke:

The diesel smoke must be removed and replaced with battery operation. This is how the company The Fjords wants to sail emission-free on the Geirangerfjord. PHOTO: STAALE WATTØ
M/F Veøy is one of two ferries that operate Hellesylt - Geiranger v.v. in the sommer season:

Source, today: Dieselrøyken skal bort og erstattes med batteridrift – men det er ikke alle enig i -

M/F Bolsøy:

The tourist ferry Bolsøy is decorated and ready for a new season between Geiranger and Hellesylt from 1 April. (Photo from the archive)

A jumpy amateur video from M/F Bolsøy:

A floating amusement park with hotel, entertainment and casino facilities (aka Cruise ship “Norwegian Prima”) on her way out from Ålesund after nightfall last week:

Photo: Roger Zahl Ødegård

“Norwegian Prima” was Delivered from the yard in Aug. 2022. She has been a regular visitor this summer.
She is here again today:

Arr. from Akureyri, Iceland this morning with ETD at 2200hrs. tonight, heading to Geiranger.

Mein Schiff 3 arrived from Bremerhaven 0700 hrs. this morning and still here at 2300 hrs.
Lite up like X-Mas tree:

She is getting ready to leave for Geiranger at midnight, hence has been disconnected from shore power and fired up an engine.

Tomorrow will be a busy cruise day in Ålesund, with 4 ships visiting:

  • Arcadia arrive at 0800 hrs. and leave for Leknes, Lofoten at 1700 hrs.
  • Norwegian Star arrives at 0815 hrs. and leave for Bergen at 1800 hrs.
  • Otto Sverdrup arrives at 1230 hrs. and leave for Trondheim at 1830 hrs.
  • Iona arrives from Southampton at 1830 hrs. and leave for Olden the next day at 1800 hrs.

I was surprised to find out that they can have up to 4 ships in Geiranger at a time, I couldn’t imagine it.
The shore gangway unfolding like a Swiss Army knife was a great piece on engineering and I take my hat off to the bus drivers.

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Even 5 ships:

Older picture copied from web camera (available on from the comfort of home in Singapore.
No Seawalk and smaller ships at that time, though.

If the ban on anything but “zero emission” ships entering the UNESCO Heritage fjords from 2026 actually become reality the cruise ships will have to call at Hellesylt or Ålesund only.
The passengers can go by smaller local excursion boat into the Geirangerfjord, or on overland trips by bus, as some already do.

Just curious; have you been on a cruise in Oslo and Geiranger recently?

Yes. From New York to Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Longyearbyen. Then South Honningsvag, Tromso, Loften, Narvik, Geiranger, Bergen. Oslo by train then 40 hours flying home.

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That is quite a long cruise and itinerary, visiting some interesting places in the Arctic.
Hope you had an enjoyable time, with good weather and lots of midnight sun.
PS> Don’t envy you that 40 hrs. flight, Hope you had some stopover enroute.

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Looks like this itinerary fits your description:

Source: Greenland, Iceland, Norway & Beyond: Cruise Overview
Good choice. Here is why, in my opinion:
Viking Ocean Cruises – What Viking Is Not

To refresh your memory.
From the Seawalk to the Skywalk:

Imagine driving an 18-m tour bus full of of exited tourists on this trip.
Or riding a bicycle, up or down:

Yesterday evening two P&O Cruise ships met near the pilot boarding ground in Breisundet.
The Arcadia was leaving and Iona arriving Ålesund:

Photo: Magnar Lyngstad

Norway’s most terrifying road. Lysebotn, Rogaland, Norway.

In the Hardangerfjord, near Rosendal you find a unik floating restaurant that serves gourmet meals and teach visitors about salmon farming:

Link to their website:

Washington Post visited and made a short video about the experience:


Ålesund today, 01.Oct. 2023:

Photo: Bjørnar Berg

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Mein Schiff 3 on Tuesday 3. Oct.:

AIDAnova on Thursday 5. Oct.:

MSC EURIBIA on Thursday 5.Oct.:

Photos: Sven Arild Pedersen via NSF