Greetings from Norway

Hip, Hip, Hurra!!! Today is 17th May and Norway’s National Day:

The day is celebrated all of Norway and wherever Norwegians live and work around the world.
Here is a picture of an earlier 17th May Parade at Fort Canning in Singapore:

The invitation for this year’s celebration at the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, Singapore:

And in Ballard, USA:

17rh May Parade in Oslo:

With the Royal family on their balcony as usual:

Windy (B 7-8) and wet weather in Ålesund the last couple of day.
But the cruise ship Iona managed to berth and unberth without tug assistance:

Iona, with full throttle on 4 bow thrusters to get on the right side of the wind around Slinningsodden.
Text & photo: Bjørnar Berg

This last week nobody complain about high cost of electric power, at least not in Northern and Central Norway. The wind is blowing and the snow is melting in the mountains so power production exceed consumption.
At the same time the sun is shining Northern Europe, so the export flow is minimal, or reversed.

Last week the price per kWh was as low as -1.45 øre on the spot market here in NW Norway:
Shows price for 6008 Ålesund ( Mid-Norway - NO3 )

20 May - 26 May:

Average price last week; # 5.42 øre/kWh
The highest price in the last week was 22 May; # 17.77 øre/kWh
The lowest price in the last week was 25 May; # -1.45 øre/kWh

NOTE: øre = NOK1/100 (NOK 1.00 = US$ 0.091)

It is still blowing in coastal Norway and the sun is still shining in Europe.
Price for electric power in NW Norway is even lower today:
Average today; # -4.03 øre/kWh
Highest price today at 19.00-20.00; # 2.93 øre/kWh
Lowest price today at 11.00-12.00; # -14.96 øre/kWh
Source: Strømpris i dag time for time – Se oppdatert graf | Lyse
PS> The more you use the more credit you earn.
Those who drive EVs are earning most, which is now 20% of all cars on the roads and 80% of new car sales. (100% by 2025):
2022: 79.3 percent of all new cars sold in Norway were fully electric

Fast ferry (HSC) hit wind surfer:
The Norwegian Cup in several classes in windsurfing was held at Torkildstranda in Drøbak on Sunday.
The fast ferry “Baronen” collided with one of the sailors. It runs a fixed route B21 between Filtvet, Drøbak and Aker Brygge, Oslo
VG’s reporter, Karin Muri, witnessed the incident. The ferryboat came north while the fjord was full of windsurfers. It drove through the field at high speed and hit one of the athletes. Other witnesses also tell VG this.
All activity at the competition has stopped, says Muri.

The police are on the scene

Article with more details and a video:

Hvaldimir appear to have migrated to Sweden:

The volunteer group “One whale” has formed “Team Hvaldimir”, a Public Safety Program to protect Hvaldimir:

They have already been in touch with Swedish authorities to ensure that he is well taken care of while in Sweden.

PS> For those with access to WaPo:

The sun has gone down, last cruise ship of the day has left:

Mein schiff 6 takes a pirouette on Aspevågen❤️ Photo: Kaja Haugstvedt

All is quite along the wharfs in Ålesund:

A bit more activity in the Inner harbour, with a lot of visiting pleasure boats of different sizes, types and nationalities:

Some are heading to Svalbard.

Many here are probably familiar with the orange buoys with the blue rope attachment eye.
(AKA “Norwegian Buoys”)?:

Or the white fenders that you find hanging on the side of nearly every pleasure boat at the marinas around the world:

Now also available; Green Concept fender for the environmentally conscious:

Polyform buoys and fenders has been made here in Ålesund since 1955:

And seen floating on all oceans:

In Norway there is a Tech company where ALL the employees, incl. the CEO, has that same wages and employment terms:

Source: Join - agens

They also have an unik way of settling wage increases, which happens every 6months.
No haggling or strike threats needed, since they are all owners.

In stead it is decided by one person who are the elected “wage responsible” to perform a stund (different every time)
The better he do the bigger the increase will be for everyone.
The lates one was done like this:

PS> The “wage responsible” is inside the big ball:

This time he was very successful, so everybody got a raise of NOK 20K.


23:25:15 The moment the sun set in Ålesund tonight:

Dusk turns to dawn without any real darkness between.
Sunrise tomorrow morning is at 03:44

Not many “skyscrapers” in Norway, but now there are one less:

Heading to a summer house in the south of Norway for the weekend.
No internet there so I’ll be “off air” for a few days. Nice.

Back in a bright and sunny Ålesund.
True midnight last night ( Z+2 01:30):

Norwegian Prima at Prestebrygga and AIDAperla at Storneskaia, seen from Kaptein Linges road on Hessa.
Photo: Svein S. Ludvigsen

The Queen Victoria is in town today:

Clio is still here. (Leaving tomorrow)

A quiet day at Ålesund Cruise Terminal today. A rare occurrence at this time of the year:

M/V Clio will be leaving tonight

Tomorrow is the longest day and shortest night of the year on the northern hemisphere
It’s all down hill from there.

Summer solstice in Ålesund happens tomorrow at 16:57 hrs.(Z+2)
Sunrise is at 03:37 hrs.
Sunset is at 23:37 hrs.
Meridian passage (Noon): 13:37 hrs. at 51.0 degr. altitude
Meridian Passage (Nadir) 01:37 hrs at -4.0 degr. altitude
Source: Sunrise and sunset times in Ålesund

Slinningsbålet bonfire is still growing:
It will be lit on Saturday 24.June at 21:00 hrs.

Today is the actual “Saint Hans Eve”, but the big bonfire “Slinningsbålet” will only be lit tomorrow (Saturday) night.They now even have their own Facebook Group:

As usual the local newspaper Sunnmørsposten will broadcast direct from the site:

PS> Time is Z+2.