Greetings from Norway

Just received my copy of The Economist by post.
Will comment later, but not panicking, yet.

The extreme weather “Gyda” is approaching, bringing strong wind and extreme amounts of rain for the nearest three days. Caused by warm humid air all the way from GoM hitting cold air from the Arctic.
Up to 150 mm. of rain in a 24 hrs. period is predicted, which means danger of flooding, avalanches and possibly landslides, or rock falls.

PS> Not the first time:

Storm:Strong gusts and heavy rainfall are reported in the next few days. (Illustration picture) PHOTO: STAALE WATTØ,

Re the text on the Norwegian light house – Slow Down – it reminds me of what is written at the bottom of Norwegian beer bottles – Open other End! At the same time the Arctic Ocean north of Norway is freezing up like never before since 2000 probably due to global, Norwegian warming.

It is wet and windy in Ålesund port today:

Fast ferries in the Ålesund district will be cancelled from 1530 hrs.:

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Weather forecast for Ålesund tomorrow Friday. 13th Jan. 2022:

Good weather outside to stay inside.

Still blowing and raining:

But life must go on.
Aquaculture boat on her way in the harbour:

Inner harbour is quiet today:

The fast ferries takes a rest:

Inland the rivers are running high. But this old bridge has seen worse floods before:

Hellesylt with two tourist ferries in layup, waiting for summer:

Red in the morning; Sailors warning .
Red in the night; Sailors delight

Picture is from Bragdøya, Kr.sand by Ove Kjell Svensson