Greening the desert with Norwegian technology

If you thought Norwegian technology was limited to the maritime and offshore fields, thing again:

Huh, who knew the Imperial Planetologist Liet Keynes and his father Pardot were Norwegian?

(Obscure literary reference, for sure!)

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He obviously didn’t succeed in greening the desert than. Lucky a Norwegian with experience from the oil industry and his son came along to do it the modern way, with drill mud.

Apparently they are succeeding. Even teaching both Americans and Arabs a thing or two about how to grow crops in the desert. That can’t be bad, can it??

Um, it was a tongue-in-cheek literary reference to Frank Herbert and Dune. Technically Liet did succeed, but Muad 'dib had to balance the long dream of the Fremen with the ecological needs of the great worms (and the need to continue spice production to facilitate space travel…it is a long story…).

Anyhow, it was a reference for humor.