Got a job on the RV Melville, anybody been there?

So I got an oiler job onboard the RV Melville for Scripps after the New Year. Just curious if anyone has experience on there. I have seen pictures of the RV Knorr from another engineer I know, it’s the sister ship, right? Happy Holidays!!

You are correct. They are a great place to work at. I’m not sure where she is working right now but if and when you get to their dock in pt loma there are a few great places all within walking distance from the dock. Ballast pub, semi live entertainment, captains quarters, oiumi sushi, and the best dam burrito I have ever had at Santana’s( the California crania asida) . Enjoy the ports and you will love the layout of the er on her.

I fly out to South Africa on the 12th. They are in Durban right now for shipyard and then they head to Cape Town. Not sure exactly what kinda stuff the scientists will be working on, but it should be interesting. I’m just excited for a job!

So I figured out from the Scripps website what the scientist will be doing while I’m out there,

“Objective/Goals: The project goals are to quantify physical processes of diapycnal mixing across a major ocean front with a focus on mesoscale eddy stirring and cross-frontal water mass exchange by making use of new acoustic methodology that provides high lateral resolution (order of 10 meters), full water column sections of isothermal fine-structure.”

Whatever the hell that means. haha