Going to get a new phone - Iphone 3 GS

HOS employees get a discount on AT&T service, which I already have. Noticed they have the Iphone 3 GS (8gb) for .99 cents. Is the 3 GS any good??? I’m a Samsung guy but it looks like a good deal.( I wanted the Galaxy s 3 but am too cheap &199.00 each)

Any of you use the Iphone 3 GS?? it would be my first Iphone/touch phone. I take alot of pics and text a bit as well. I currently have an old samsung “blackberry stlye” and the wife uses a samsung smartphone.(well it looks smart, all touch)

It’s a pretty good phone. Not as good a camera and processor as the two newer iPhones but still good. I think it would be a step up from what you are used to. A lot of cool nautical/maritime apps as well.

I had one before I switched to Verizon. It worked pretty good. I never had any complaints with the camera.

Hold out for another month. iPhone5 is coming out. I’ve always been an apple fanatic so I’m biased.

Yeah but it won’t be 99 cents.

I have the iPhone 4 and really like it. It’s much better than the blackberry I had before. I bet for what you are using it for, the 3 would pretty a good one. At a dollar you can’t beat it

It’s worth more than $.99. Get it you can always upgrade later.

Ahhh crap. Scratch the Iphone 3. I am waaay to rough on my phones, I went with the WATERPROOF Samsung Rugby smartphone. It’s shockproof and has the armored glass. So I dont need an otterbox for it. Got the missus the Samsung excellerate. Rugby was 49 and the excellerate was 29. I like the samsung stuff, hey any company that makes a 5mm auto-turret is #1 in my book.Thanks guys for the info though.

Here Mil-spec phone.

Auto-turrett 5mm and 40 mil gernade launcher.

Get an otterbox or a Lifeproof case for your iPhone.

I found the 3G to be slow to load and run apps. Happy with the 4.